We are proud to release:

CMR025:  Armstrong - “Happy Graffiti” CD


  For our first release in over 2 years we are excited to present the latest album by Julian Pitt, aka Armstrong in conjunction with our Canadian friends, The Beautiful Music. To say that the release of Armstrong's “Happy Graffiti” album is highly anticipated and eagerly awaited by some of us would be a huge understatement.…


As with Armstrong’s previous releases, the lush vocals and jangly, catchy guitar tunes will draw you into a warm and happy world of pop. We recommend you listen especially to “Eyes Wide Open”, “When We Were Young”, “This One” and “Rock Star Rock Star” to feel the love and dedication that has been put into the album by Julian!

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CMR024:  Men Of Gwent - “President Of Wales” CD


 Four years on from their warmly received debut, the new album continues with themes around the bands home city of Newport and across Wales including opener “Grave Alexandra” which documents the 1909 Docks Disaster that killed 46 workers. “Bulmore Lido” covers the closure of an open air swimming pool in Caerleon where Jon Langford “nearly drowned” and “Home Of The Vote” outlines the recent new developments in the city centre while referring back to the legacy of the Chartists. The song “London to Llanelli Line” records a chance meeting with the late Deke Leonard of the band Man. The sadly departed local crooner Frankie Lodge has a song where he is mentioned alongside the legendary Alan Vega (singer of the American band Suicide). Elsewhere Joe Strummer is digging graves in “Bassaleg Road Earthquake” while the title track “President of Wales” gives Jon the opportunity to let the world know “he can never go home”…

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CMR023:  The Grief Brothers - “Thirty Five Years on Woodfield Street” CD

CD Cover

 A collection of fourteen original tales of love, longing and loss. 

At times the songs of ‘Thirty Five Years On Woodfield Street’ bring to mind Dylan Thomas taking you on a journey around a Welsh town (with a band in-tow). Opening track ‘A Lost Week In Bingoland’ takes you to a bleak seaside town where the careworn block out even bleaker lives, while the upbeat ‘Outdoor Life’ tells the tale of Swansea valley street drinkers and their “Tennents Super, milky meths, grubby days and early deaths..”, and ‘Marion Jones’ where the singer meets an unrequited crush after half a lifetime (giving the album its title ‘Thirty Five Years On Woodfield Street’).

Elsewhere, the album is blessed by guest musicians Jon Langford (of The Mekons, Waco Brothers, Men of Gwent) who takes over on vocal duties for the song ‘Scurvy Dogs of Llansawel’, and legendary South Wales melodeon player Guto Dafis.

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CMR022:  Spencer Segelov - “Loser Leaves Town” DL

Loser Leaves Town cover web

 Spencer Segelov is a musical genius who has been omnipresent on the music scene of South Wales for the past decade. From fronting the Spencer McGarry Season to adding his skills to albums by John Mouse, Sweet Baboo, The Soft Hearted Scientists & The Naked Citizens, Spencer has finally made the solo album we have all been waiting for – Loser Leaves Town !

From the heartache yacht-rock of Ann-Marie to the melancholic euphoria of The Records In Your Dad’s Collection and the hyper-catchy Nice Work If You Can Get It, the album Loser Leaves Town is a modern classic fixated on failed relationships, unhealthy nostalgia, depression, spiritual desire based on experiences in Swansea where Spencer grew up.

CMR021:  Naked Citizens - “Naked Citizens” CD


 Naked Citizens are a South Wales musical collective that have recorded a collection of amazing songs in a variety of styles with musicians from some of the finest acts in the area. Part vaudeville show, part twisted Top of The Pops LP, The Naked Citizens have redefined the compilation album into a collage of 21st Century society snapshots that us at turns uplifting, furious and tragic. A kind of “Now That’s What I call Disillusionment Volume 1” if you like!

 The songs, written from of a range of ages and viewpoints, have lyrics that are at turns sad, funny and spiky, and music which is diverse and uplifting and features styles as diverse as Gospel, Glam Rock, Space Disco, Electro Swing, 50s Rock & Roll, Indie and Argentine Tango.

CMR020:  The Naked Citizens - Space Touring E.P. (Cassette/DL)

Amazing “Space Disco” that literally landed into our Stratosphere out of nowhere! We got it remixed by esteemed Club DJ Richard Norris and Dance label Nang Records are releasing further remixes on their label soon! Click HERE for more details

CMR019:  Armstrong - “Under Blue Skies” CD


 A collaborative release with Canadas finest The Beatiful Music label. With our release, by Julian Pitt (aka Armstrong), we want to highlight an injustice that needs to be corrected and that is the release of Armstrong's brilliant first album, "Under Blue Skies" which was originally only available on a very limited CD-R which sadly only a few people have heard. This album deserves a lot more attention! Anyone who heard that album was impressed and it received a few excellent reviews with comparisons to Aztec Camera, Teenage Fanclub and Prefab Sprout. We just want to share this joy with others, so we are very proud to finally, after a gap of a few years, release this rare gem and to make it even more interesting; we added 8 bonus tracks of lost songs and alternate versions for your enjoyment. 

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CMR018: Burning Ferns -  “Public Mono” CD Album


Four years on from their warmly received debut, “See Saw Seen” Burning Ferns return with their second album, “Public Mono”. With this new set of songs the band have grabbed the blueprint of their first LP by the scruff of the neck and created something even more essential. Augmented to a five piece by new arrival, Dave Corten, the album offers a more ambitious, wide-screen sound, full of harmonies, guitars and guile. It is a 40 minute, 24 carat gem.

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CMR017: Burning Ferns -  “Bullet Train”/ “Fuses Blow” 7”/CD


Two fantastic slices of psychedelic power-pop available on a highly limited Lathe 7” vinyl disc and equally limited CD single. These will not hang around so please order early! Both tracks will appear on the full CD album “Public Mono”.

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CMR016: Various -  The Best Christmas By A Country Mile CD

We are proud to release a Christmas EP in aid of the Red Cross Refugee Appeal. The six tracks are:

    1. John Liepins - “It Don’t Seem Like Christmas To Me”
    2. The Grief Brothers - “Another Beery Christmas”
    3. Punks Not Dad - “Gaz 4 Shaz (2Geva 4Eva)
    4. Jon Langford’s Men of Gwent - “Christmas Carol, Christmas Ray”
    5. Railroad Bill - “Santa Needs a Drink”
    6. Give Me Memphis (with Andrea Lewis) -  “Snowing”

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CMR015: Jon Langfords Men of Gwent - The Legend of LL LP

COVER final
On hearing the news of witch Thatchers death and after years living solely within in the Welsh Valleys, the Men of Gwent finally went to the big City of Newport. Fuelled only by Tiny Rebel Beer and Penderyn Whisky, the group recorded this incredible love letter to Wales.

Listen in wonder as Jon Langford and his all-star motley crew take you on a personal journey around central Newport, coastal Aberystwyth, rural Llanyrafon and the docks of Pill. Fans of the 1970s will be pleased to hear the song "Adrian Street", a tribute to the Glam-Rock Wrestler originally from Brynmawr who now lives in sunny Florida.

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CMR014: Railroad Bill - Pigs Might Fly CD/LP

The As Britain’s longest running contemporary Skiffle band, Railroad Bill have been a regular fixture at Festivals such as Glastonbury, Goodwood Revival, Cambridge Folk and Bestival for nearly 30 years and are renowned for their humour, DIY attitude, energy and personality.

For their latest album "Pigs Might Fly", Railroad Bill have collected a set of original tunes and invited a number of top flight guest artists to help bring them to life with contributions from luminaries such as John Lewis on guitar and Gareth Evans on Trumpet.! Click HERE for more info.

CMR13: The Ash & The Oak - Survival as a Kind of Triumph CD


The long awaited follow up to “Searching for the Soft Rays” is finally with us and sounds incredible! The Ash & The Oak take it to a whole new level in the pop-psyche stakes. Get it while you can as this one is a limited pressing! Click HERE for more info.

CMR012:  Various - How Far is a Country Mile? CD


Copies of this Compilation of previous releases were given out to the first through nthe doors of Spillers, Diverse and Parrot Records on Record Store Day. It was immediately deleted and we have none left! Click HERE for more details

CMR011:  Burning Ferns - See Saw Seen CD Album


Incredible psyche-tinged pop from new South Wales band Burning Ferns. They are going to be massive and the album is joy from beginning to end. Buy one today!

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CMR10:  The Ash & The Oak - Jigsaw Mini-CD


Two new tracks (“Jigsaw” and ”Something of the Night” were given away to the first 50 to sign up to the mailing list at the bands Swn Festival gig in 2012. They all went. Click HERE for more details

CMR09:  “Fore” - Give Me Memphis CD


A mere 13 years after their debut album (“Hail”) Newports leading art punk-poppers Give Me Memphis return with a fantastic new set of songs - click HERE for more details on how to order

CMR08:  Searching For The Soft Rays CD


Incredible second album from the hyper talented pop-folk supremos The Ash & The Oak.Click HERE for more info.

CMR07: Live DVD - “Levitation Tribute” live at TJ’S Newport


Available for one night only, the DVD of Jon Langford’s  50th Birthday Party features artists from our tribute CD “Levitation” playing songs from the album”. Click HERE for more details

CMR06: Mini-CD  single by The Ash & The Oak


Fantastically limited to 100 hand-numbered copies this Double-A side CD single features the pop classics “Everyone Says” and  “Quadrology”. Click HERE for more details

CMR05: Grief Brothers - Belgian Beer


Bottled to celebrate the Grief Brothers mini-tour of Brussels. All bottles have been drank unfortunately..!

CMR04: The debut CD by Jimi Alexander & The Satellites


The Cardiff sextet debut CD is  available now on a limited numbered edition (of 250) CD. Click HERE for more details


CMR03: The debut album by The Ash & The Oak

The incredible folk/pop classic is  available on a limited numbered edition (of 250) CD. Click HERE for more details


CMR02: Levitation - A South Wales Tribute to Jon Langford CD

Fourteen of South Wales finest artists recorded their interpretation of songs from the back catalogue by the Legendary Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers, Three Johns). Click HERE for full details


CMR01: The Grief Brothers - Silo/Broken Bottle Lament 7”


The first release from Country Mile Records was by Welsh Hillbillies THE GRIEF BROTHERS with their own interpretation of the Scud Mountain Boys classic “SILO”.

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