Langford Choir

The Church of Langford Choir - “Tom Jones Levitation”
Choir - Alison Clash, Mark Davenport, Julian Hayman, Guto Dafis,
            Lucy, Jimi Alexander, Jess Morgan and Ray Collins
Conductor -  Jess Morgan
Church Organ - Guto Dafis

Having secured the men of Newport Male Voice Choir to do a version of Jonboy classic “Tom Jones Levitation”, it proved nigh impossible to find anyone with the time or patience to transpose this to the required four-part harmony. In an act of desperation, a scratch choir from members of The Grief Brothers, Give Me Memphis, Jimi Alexander & The Satellites, Alison Clash & Guto Dafis was hastily assembled and the Church of Langford Choir was born for one night only....