How Far Is?

Compilation CD for Record Store Day 2013


Issued to celebrate the Record Store Day in South Wales, the CD was given away to the first customers through the door at Diverse in Newport, Spillers in Cardiff and Parrot Records in Camarthen.

1. “Inside Out” - The Ash & The Oak
2. “Broken Bottle Lament” - the Grief Brothers
3. “Hard Times” - Electric Bill
4. “New York City Never Came” - Jimi Alexander
5. “Everyone Says” - The Ash & The Oak
6. “Tubby Brother” - Alison Clash
7. “War Wounds” - The Ash & The Oak
8. “Helen Heaven” - Give Me Memphis
9 “Jigsaw” -The Ash & The Oak
10. “Sand” (Demo version) - Burning Ferns

We also had some cakes made that went in no time at all....