Armstrong “Under Blue Skies” CD album


There are many injustices and unexplainable things that happen in the music world, like how The Sound, The Wild Swans or the Go-Betweens were not huge and famous (or as recently highlighted, why the Candy Opera album wasn't originally released in the 1980's). Things just don't make sense. Today, it's great that we have labels like Cloudberry and Firestation to fight the fine fight and highlight many overlooked gems.

With our next release, by Julian Pitt (aka Armstrong), we want to highlight another injustice that needs to be corrected and that is the release of Armstrong's brilliant first album, "Under Blue Skies" which was originally only available on a very limited CDr which sadly only a few people have heard. This album deserves a lot more attention! Anyone who heard that album was impressed and it received a few excellent reviews with comparisons to Aztec Camera, The Pearlfishers, Teenage Fanclub and Prefab Sprout, "soulful vocals and heartfelt melodies reminiscent of Aztec Camera" was one reviewer’s comments. Alex Green (Caught InThe Carousel) wrote: "Under Blue Skies is one of the most satisfying and melodic albums in recent memory…Armstrong’s lustrous debut presents Pitt as the new unheralded prince of pastoral pop. With a voice that lilts and soars like Roddy Frame or The Pearlfisher’s David Scott, Pitt is truly a splendid find.” and we couldn't agree more. It's the reason we got hooked on his wondrous sound and have never let go. We just want to share this joy with others, so we are very proud to finally, after a gap of a few years, release this rare gem and to make it even more interesting; we added 8 bonus tracks of lost songs and alternate versions for your enjoyment.

This album is a collaborative release between South Wales label, Country Mile Records and the highly regarded Canadian label The Beautiful Music. The expanded edition includes 8 rare tracks that have been salvaged from various sources, so excuse the quality on some of the songs. Overall it makes for a beautiful album and will carry you over till the release of Julian’s next album “Happy Graffiti”. Please Enjoy!